Food Service

The food service industry is constantly searching for a point of differentiation to stand out within the market and attract an ever-changing customer demand. FDL partners with leaders within this field to create centres of excellence and develop products covering cold and hot beverages, sweet and savoury bakery products, as well as dairy applications.


The FDL team continually watch the market in order to keep on top of the ever evolving market trends, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition and develop premium products of high quality, exciting visuals and increased sensory experiences. 

At FDL we develop everything from premium fillings to toppings, inclusions and syrups for all food and beverage applications. From a rich and creamy caramel syrup for coffee, to crumbs and granolas for yogurts – FDL can help you create luxurious products that elevate the consumer dining experience.

Product Development &
Concept Work

FDL caters to manufacturing industries, retail, and food services such as quick service restaurants, casual dining, site canteens and coffee shops, to name but a few. We help our clients re-engineer recipes in order to meet new nutritional guidelines, reduce costs, as well as to create new products for our customers’ seasonal campaign menu launches and LTO’s. Our ability to be nimble assures we can scale up our production and launch a product in a rapid, cost effective manner, providing ready to use products to our food service customers.

The FDL team creates products that are multipurpose and easy to use, from syrup in your morning coffee, to toasted seeds to sprinkle on your salad at lunch.

We provide a selection of cost-effective options such as fruit preps, pie fillings, granola and seed toppings, juice and milkshake syrups, sauces for desserts and coffee toppings, hot and cold beverage syrups, toppings and inclusions, seasonings, plus much more.